Thursday, June 17, 2010

Old Friend to the Rescue!

Over the past couple of weeks we have been enjoying spending time with old friends. I met Sommer back in Quantico, VA, the first week we were there - the very beginning of our Marine Corps journey. We've come a long way since then and were lucky enough to have lived in a lot of the same places over the past five years. A couple years ago, our journeys took us to opposite sides of the country, but now I'm happy to say they're stationed here for a few years!

Sommer's son and AK are only three months apart in age. I was AMAZED at how much Griffin had grown in two years! They play so well together, and I'm sure Avery and Riley (their 6-month-old little girl) will become great friends as well.

Here are AK and Grif at 3 months old and 1 week old, and now at 3 years old:

We made plans to take the kids to the library today, and my car wouldn't start. Sommer came right over (thanks, Sommer!) and we realized that we'd done this exact thing before, back in Meridian, MS. My car that time too. :) So you'd think we'd remember how to do the whole jumper cables thing. Not so much. We were all timid and scared to touch the wrong things to the wrong things and then we accidentally touched the two handles together and ZZZZTTTT! After some trial and error and a few phone calls, we had the car running again. Thankfully we didn't kill each other or blow anything up.

We went to the library only to have my car not start (again) when we were ready to leave. Sommer and I had to push the gigantic automobile out of the parking space so she could align her vehicle next to it in order to jump it. Again. Very. Heavy. Especially because the front wheels had to be pushed up and out of the the curb gutter. Sommer was a rockstar, pushing most of the weight - in a dress, no less!

I purchased a new battery so I'm all set for another few years, during which I'm sure I'll forget how to use jumper cables. Again. Sommer, you'll be available again next time, right?! haha :)

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Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

Haha! Too funny!I am so happy to be back hanging out with you. You're awesome and I look forward many, many more laughs together.