Thursday, August 12, 2010


We had Avery's birthday party a week early so Mike would be here. (She turns 1 on the 13th.) The party was great, but Daddy got called into work. :( He made it back for the last 10 minutes, thankfully, and I was able to delay her cake smashing until then.

Avery enjoyed herself and had no issue digging her fingers into her gooey birthday cake!

At a year old, she is such a delight. She is a happy, happy girl and loves to laugh, dance and clap her hands. She hasn't walked yet, but she's getting stronger by the day and is standing on her own for a few seconds at a time. She says a few words, including peekaboo, ball and banana. She's sprouting fast. If I didn't put an end to mealtimes, I think she'd eat for hours!

Thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate our sweet girl!


Lindsey said...

Oh Casey!!!
What a beautiful birthday party, the decorations were gorgeous. I loved the pictures!
What a bummer that Mike had to miss some of it...wouldn't you know.
Miss you and your beautiful family!

sara said...

fabulous! wish we could've attended. love it all.

Anonymous said...

Wow.....I am impressed with those decorations Case. You did a great job! How pretty. I wish Dad and I could have been there. Love you bunches. Mom

Sarah said...

You did a fabulous the colors and theme! Miss you so much! I will call you soon.

Lori said...

Casey I cannot believe she is one!!! Where does the time go? I have to get my hands on that sweet little munchkin before 2 years have come and gone. I know it was a special day. She is very blessed to have a mommy and daddy (and sister) who love her SO much!