Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moving Along

We are moving along and growing fast this year so far.  The last two months went by quick.  We've enjoyed getting outdoors in the spring-ish weather and already made a trip down to the beach when my mom, Carrie and nephews came to visit last month.

This & header pic by Carrie Carnes,
Abby Kate still loves school and dance and church activities.  She is a huge helper at home and plays well with her sister most of the time.  She has learned many words using her flash cards and enjoys anything educational, which I am so happy about!

Avery is 19 months.  She is full of laughs and is quite the clown.  She says tons of words and pretty much understands everything I say to her.  She has learned to throw away empty things like raisin boxes and plastic baggies.  The down side is that I find empty sippy cups, empty plastic bowls and the occasional toy in the trash. :) I love watching her play and learn. Perhaps my favorite thing is when she randomly sees a picture of Mike and says, 'Dada.'

Mike is floating around somewhere in the Mediterranean now.  I'm not positive if the Harriers will be involved in any of the Libya turmoil if a no fly zone is implemented, but I do know their cargo planes have been flying Egyptian refugees from Libya back to Egypt.  Mike has remained in good spirits.  He stays busy, but is so excited to get back home to his girls. He comments about how much they appear to have grown in photos I send him. He will be shocked when he sees them. They are so much bigger. I can't wait to watch them run to his open arms!!

Recent pic of Mike on the boat workin' hard. haha ;)
And the days are nearing!! Mike's homecoming is under two months away if all goes as planned. Um, which never happens, but still... :)  After the first couple of weeks into this, I had successfully pushed down all my emotions and quickly got a handle on life this way.  I found it was the best way for me to deal.  Now that the end is in sight, I'm finding all that emotion coming back to the surface.  I can't stand the excitement and anticipation of his homecoming!! Before this deployment I would've thought two months was an absolute eternity, but now it seems like just around the corner! 

Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers!!


stalker sarah said...

YAY for under two months! You have done such an amazing job!! You have totally kept it together and I know it has to be so hard! You are such a strong person and a wonderful mother!!! :)

Sarah said...

I can't comprehend the "less than ___ months" feeling yet but I imagine it feels amazing! You've done a great job, Casey! Prayers continue and I'll be able to give you my own hug SOON!!!

Erin said...

Hang in there Casey, sending prayers your way always!

sara said...

Tommy and I were thinking about Mike as we watched the news tonight and praying he isn't involved (though everyone who IS involved is SOMEONE'S loved one--so prayers for them.)
Loved ready this post. You are amazing. The girls look so grown up.
Good for you...2 months is short compared to what you've already endured.

Missy Bryant said...

Thank you Casey so much for sharing your life. I hope Mike knows how lucky he is to have a wife like you and a mother like you for his children. If he doesn't let me know and I will tell him. ha ha I pray this mess in Libya doesn't mess up Mike's homecoming and he comes home safely.
Love to all