Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pilot Rescue in Libya

One of my greatest fears with Mike's job is that his jet will malfunction and he'll go down behind enemy lines after ejecting. This happened to two F-15 pilots on Monday in Eastern Libya.  Marines and several aircraft from the USS Kearsarge were called to rescue those two Marines and did so extremely quick.  It's a huge comfort to read about how quickly we responded and had those pilots back safe.  Here's the article.

I've had the news on a lot during this because I want to be informed, and AK has been picking up things here and there from it. Yesterday she asked me, "so what's going on in Olivia today?" :)  She thinks the anti-aircraft shots are fireworks.  Their innocence is so sweet.

I cannot wait until the operation is complete and Mike is away from it all.  And when I can stop feeling paranoid with one ear tuned to the news all day.  Only a few more weeks, and he is set to come HOME!!!  I am elated at the thought of seeing his face and being in his arms.


Fusner Family said...

Just want you to know I am praying for all of you. Miss you cuz. Praying for Mike's safe return.

BJ said...

I think about you and Mike and your beautiful girls all the time. I swear I don't know how you do it and your strength is amazing! I will be so happy to read your post when Mike gets back to his family. Praying for you always!!

Meg Palmer said...

Hi Case, sending prayers your way!Are you going to be back in KY anytime soon? Miss you~

stalker sarah said...

Awww....Ak's comment was so cute. I know it will be a huge relief to get a break from the news and to have Mike HOME!!! Continuing to pray for your family!!!