Tuesday, October 04, 2011

August Travels

Forgive me.  This may have been the longest hiatus from blogging I've ever taken.  The summer was such fun!

Mike was gone for the whole month of August.  Our baby girl turned 2 during that time, so we decided to travel west to share Avery's birthday fun with Daddy. He was in Yuma for training, which happens to be the home of our dear friends, the Newbolds.  We were so excited to see them.  Sarah's husband flies the Harrier also and was deployed at the time.  We enjoyed every minute of our visit and of course the very few minutes we had with Daddy each day when he could get away from work. It went by way too fast.  The girls played and played, and Sarah and I had the best time catching up, laughing and just enjoying each others' company. Our friend Lindsey and her son Grant joined us a couple of the days. They invited us to their house as well, which was so much fun! We went swimming and had the best appetizers and margaritas thanks to Lindsey who is a master at creating all things delicious! I'm sad we didn't get a picture with them. :(  Mike's brother, Bill, and his wife, Holly, also live in Yuma. We loved being able to spend time with them at their beautiful house and were happy they could come to Avery's birthday party. Sarah, a million thank yous for having us!!! Miss you!

Not quite complete without Colin. :(

Painting rocks!

Pledge of Allegiance.We'll worry about which side your heart is on later. ;)

Something they all can't get enough of... Daddy time!

Wii Dance Team :) We see you back there, Sarah!
Dress-ups all day!!

Uncle Bill and Aunt Holly live in Yuma so they were able to come for Avery's party too!


Cindy said...

Feel like I'm cheating...getting to see "ours" at the same time in this entry! Great pictures and how precious that you were able to see Mike and more family while there! Love that fact that you did Avery's party there too! You guys are all amazing...whatever it takes. xoxoxo

Sarah said...

Thanks for braving the heat to come see us! It was so GREAT having you. I can't wait for the next time...boys better start planning! ;)

stalker sarah said...

Yay for getting to see friends and family! Happy birthday to Avery! Love the photos!!