Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Late August brought a hurricane our way, just as Mike was returning from Yuma and just as I was returning from Kentucky.  We arrived to find that Irene left us with no electricity, a refrigerator and deep freeze full of spoiled food and two large trees laying across our back and side yard.  They fell perfectly perpendicular to our house! Thankfully we had no damage, just a huge mess to clean up.  Mike bought a chainsaw and we got to work cutting up the trees and hauling them to the curb. We went without electricity for a couple more days, but it wasn't too bad.

We enjoyed the last week of summer break after that and then Abby Kate started another year of preschool on Sept. 5.  She loves her new class and has been doing very well.  She has always loved school and anything to do with learning. Next year she will start Kindergarten! She'll turn 5 later this month - that is so hard to believe! Daddy will miss it as he is out in CA training for all of October.  Sadly, we cannot make another trip to go see him, but we plan to hold off on the birthday party until he gets back.


Cindy said...

Oh wow!! So glad you were all OK. LOVE the big school girl!!

stalker sarah said...

AWWWWW.....Abby Kate is so cute!!! Love it! I can't believe Mike is gone again! We def. missed you guys at the reunion! Glad you all were able to clean up the damage from Irene and that it wasn't worse! Hope the month goes by fast!!