Thursday, May 25, 2006

Houseguests and Home Repair

Mike and I were so happy to have Mike's brother, CJ and his wife, Amber, come to visit last weekend. Mike and CJ took advantage of the mild morning temperatures on the golf course each day, while Amber and I took advantage of sleeping a little longer and then getting some sun in the backyard. We traveled to the beach one afternoon and then out to eat at a place called Peg Leg Pete's (an oyster bar on the beach). They have really good food. We grilled out some of the meat Mike ordered from Omaha Steaks on the other two nights. Delicious! We all enjoyed steak, hamburgers and "gourmet" hot dogs that were as big as my forearm. Quite tasty though.

Unfortunately, as Mike and I were preparing for CJ and Amber to arrive, there was a small accident. Mike opened the window in our guest bedroom that morning to let in some cool air. We were sitting in the living room a little while later when we heard something come crashing down. We ran to see, finding that the bottom portion of the window had somehow fallen right out of the wall! (It was one of those that opens and then can be leaned toward the inside for cleaning.) So we had a gaping hole in our house for the entire time our guests were here - in the guests' room.

CJ was so nice to help Mike take the rest of the window out in order to replace it. They worked for three hours scraping out glass, aluminum and mortar. Thanks to them for being patient and helping us with our home repair while on their vacation.

Other than the window fiasco, we had a wonderful time catching up with CJ and Amber. Thanks for coming to visit guys!!!

CJ and Mike (wearing sunglasses for protection from flying glass) tearing out what's left of the window. Poor Mike cut his finger in the process.

A quick stop for ice and beverages before heading the the beach.

CJ and Amber.

Enjoying seafood and Peg Leg Pete's.


Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

Winking at the camera... you're so cute. hahahah. miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

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