Monday, May 15, 2006

A New Mother's Delight

As we drove through Nashville on the way back to Florida yesterday, Mike made an unexpected exit off I-65. I wasn't sure where we were headed as we had just stopped for gas. He pulled up to a Circuit City. He said he'd like me to help pick out my very first Mother's Day gift. With that, he lead me over to the digital camcorders and told me to pick one. We came out with this one. It does all sorts of cool stuff, and it fits in my palm so I'll be taking it everywhere. I was so excited to get one of these!

It will be wonderful to capture all the precious moments of our baby's first days and years. After we made the purchase and walked out of the store, I told Mike, "... and Happy Father's Day to you!" Ha, ha. Thank you, honey, for such a wonderful and thoughtful Mother's Day gift!!! Don't get mad when I have the camera in your face all the time. Heh, heh.


Lori said...

Yeah!!! I'm sure your new camera will get lots of use!!! We've yet to purchase a video camera, but I would be amazed if Hannah has gone a single day without being photographed. Digital technology has changed the world.

Happy "First" Mother's Day

Sara said...

I am pretty sure this would be Tommy's worst nightmare! He already says that I have a camera attached to my hand...imagine if we got a video camera!! I have already set the record for watching one's wedding video the most times ever! hehe
YAY for you...this is going to be so fun. Now you need to work on learning to post a video clip so all of us that are far away will be able to see the baby and hear him/her, too! Maybe you already know how to do this?? What a sweet gift for your first Mom's Day! Enjoy!

Mom said...

Mike you never cease to amaze me, what a wonderful Mother's Day gift.

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

PERFECT! Can't wait to see the home videos!

Anonymous said...

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