Friday, August 11, 2006

Test Scores Flying High

After his fourth week of API (the first part of flight school), Mike has maintained an excellent average. He took his last test today! He has been attending class from 6 a.m. to around 3 p.m. each day and then coming home to study for the remainder of the days and nights. While at API, Mike was issued his flight suit, helmet, leather flight jacket, aviator lenses (ha! they're so Tom Cruise in Top Gun), and boots. I tried to get him to put the full get-up on so you could see, but he didn't want to pose, so this is all you get. :)

Mike, I'm so proud of all your hard work and your excellent test scores! I knew you'd do well! I think you look very handsome in your flight suit (even though I kid you that you wear a onesie to work... heh, heh).

Mike has two more weeks of API, but no more tests. He'll be doing some hands on training. One aspect is "redneck parasailing." I think this is where your chute is tied to a truck or something. Yes, this is Flora-bama. The rednecks abound.


Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

Wow- great job Mike! I can't believe you're almost done with API... that's awesome! And yes- I agree with you Casey- it is a onesie- but a very manly onesie.

Marge and Brent said...

Congrats to Mike on the great test scores! But we wanna see a picture in the aviators- "highway to the danger zone" style!

Kim said...

Great job, Mike! This must be the thing for you. However, if it doesn't work out, there's probably an opening down at Grease Monkey! Just kidding!! You look great. Love you guys.

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

Good Job Mike!!! There was never any doubt though. And yes, your little onesie is cute!

joel and amy said...

Hi Casey:

I read your blog through Whitney's and I have to tell you that your baby's room is too cute. I love the black furniture! I just fussed at Whitney for not staying updated..I have to live through you and Sara instead! Congrats on Abby Kate..parenthood is the most wonderful experience..and challenging BUT still wonderful. My blog is linked through Whitney's..I have all of the boys and no time to blog! But, at least there is a pic! Anyhow..congrats guys are adorable.


Lyndsay Smith said...

Great job Mike! I had my doubts about you with all the terrible grades you received in high school & college..HA HA, just kidding! Wouldn't expect anything less. I know Casey is very proud! Hope Pat & I get to see you soon!