Tuesday, September 05, 2006

About to Pop!

Well, here we are. Abby Kate has officially taken over my body. I just laugh at myself in the mirror these days (on the days I'm brave enough to look). I find it quite humorous, really. It's so unreal to me that my skin can stretch this far. But I'm happy to say I have yet to find a stretch mark. However, since I just wrote that, I'm sure I'll be stricken with a huge one overnight!

I seriously feel like I'm living in someone else's body. When she rolls around in there and we see some sharp body part move across underneath my skin, we just stare in amazement. We think: she's really in there... and she's really going to come out soon! That's the part - the coming out soon part - that invokes the panic inside me. In just six weeks (give or take a couple) she'll undoubtedly be coming out, one way or another. I've been anxiously awaiting this coming out process, but lately I've felt like cowering back down the ladder instead of jumping into the deep end! Of course, I can cower all I want - there is no ladder!

I've been brave today, though. I went shopping to get all the supplies we'll need for the hospital stay. Right now I'm washing the baby's clothes and socks and hats and blankets, and I've begun to pack our bags.

Although I'm apprehensive about labor and delivery, I'm so glad we're in the home stretch!


Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous no matter what (including another person growing inside of you!)
Take care of yourself!
Carrie Taylor

Lori said...

You look amazing!!! You don't look swollen, or like you gained weight anywhere other than "baby." One thing I learned the first time (with Hannah) was that you don't need half of the stuff you take to the hospital. I followed all of the lists in the books I was reading. When I showed up with my huge bag, the nures laughed at me. Now I look back and laugh. I will be packing very little for this baby's delivery. The one thing I did appreciate having was a pair of my own pajamas--for after I was able to shower. It just makes you feel better than wearing those oh so attractive hospital gowns.

PS- the stretch marks show up after Abby Kate comes out! haha.

Lyndsay Smith said...

I just still can't believe it! I don't know why. I know she's coming but it won't hit me that my child hood friend is having a child of her own until I can actually hold her (can't wait to do that by the way). You really look great, the baby belly (and that's all it is you lucky gal)is so cute. I hope to see you soon!!!! I really miss you!
Love ya,

Carolyn Schroder said...

6 more weeks- wow- times flies! Can't wait to see her! You look so cute!

Marge and Brent said...

Hang in there Casey... you still look "Fancy" as ever!

Mom said...

Casey, you are doing so good, I couldn't believe you had no swelling what so ever. You will soon have Abby Kate in your arms. I'm so excited.

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

You look so so good. It looks like you just stuffed a basketball up your shirt. I can't wait to meet little Abby Kate. It won't be long!!

Micki Michelle Lynn Phillips said...

It does look like you stuffed a basketball up your shirt! I can't wait! Only 6 more weeks, wow times flies (well on this end anyway) What a cute name, I love it. I dont have your guys's email address so this is the only way I knew how to tell you...

I'M ENGAGED!!! Crazy hunh? I'm so excited though :) WOOOHOOOO I feel somewhat grown up, scary!!


Sara said...

You look like the poster girl for pregnancy!
We'll be praying for a safe and healthy delivery for both mom and baby!

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Look at you!!!! Amazing Casey! See you are still wearing your ADPI tees....got a little legacy in there!

joel and amy said...

Don't worry Casey..the coming out part is way easier than the 9 month part!!! You'll do great!!!