Sunday, September 03, 2006

Thank heaven for Moms!

I was so happy that Mom was able to come visit over the holiday weekend. She drove down on Wednesday... by herself. (I know, Dad and I told her not to. Dad had a work conflict and couldn't make it, so Mom braved the 9 1/2 hours alone!) When she arrived in the early evening Wednesday, we grilled out shrimp and chicken for dinner just as a huge thunderstorm moved in. I don't like rain, but I did like the dip in temperature it brought.

The weather was beautiful on Thursday, so Mom and I did some shopping and then Mike joined us for dinner at a Key West-style dining place called Manatees. So good!

Friday morning, we headed toward the beach. It was another gorgeous day. Our first stop was at Surf Burger. It's a cute little hotdog/burger restaurant overlooking the bay. We ate juicy hotdogs and the best fries in the world as we sat outside in the warm breeze. Once we arrived at at the beach, Mom got us one of those nice sets of chairs with the huge umbrella that you can rent from one of the beachside restaurants. It felt great to lay in the shade looking out at the ocean. I ventured out into the sun for a little while to try to get somewhat tan, but I didn't last too long. For one thing, I now resemble Sea World's main attraction, and I didn't want to scare the children and have them say, "Mommy, look there's Shamu!" I wore my regular bikini instead of my maternity one because I hate it. Not a pretty site. And second, I just got too hot. My thoughtful mom went to get us some gigantic snowcones which helped a lot. It was very relaxing. We ate sub sandwiches for dinner and went over to visit the Tuckers for a little bit that evening.

Saturday morning, Mike and I woke early at 5:30 to set up for our yard sale. We had cleaned out all of our closets to make more room for the baby. We put a 7 a.m. start time in the paper, but several people showed up at 6:15! We didn't even have prices on most of the stuff at that point, so we just made it up as we went. We ended up with a great turnout and pocketed over $300. I was amazed at some of the junk people bought from us. That night we headed into Pensacola. We browsed in a few of the shops on the boardwalk, listening to music as we passed the Jamaican festival. Then Mom treated us to dinner at Hemmingway's. DELISH!!!

After a wonderful 4-day visit with Mom, we said goodbye this morning both realizing that the next time we see each other, we'll be in the hospital welcoming a new life and gazing at Abby Kate. That's so exciting, I have to catch my breath when I think of it! I can't believe the next time I see my mom, I'll be a mom myself!!! Only a little over six weeks left until my due date, and only three before I'm considered full term. WOW!

Mom, thank you SO, SO much for coming down to visit. I had a wonderful time with you as always. I'm looking forward to seeing you and Dad in a few weeks and introducing you to your granddaughter! I love you!!!


Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

What a nice mom you have to drive 9.5 hours here all by herself!!!! What would we do without our mom?!?

Carolyn Schroder said...

Mom's are so special. Looks like it was a pretty great yard sale... I see some things I would've purchased!!

Sara said...

Glad your mom was able to come for a visit. My mom comes about once a month and it is always so fun.
Your mom looks great! Is that Cody?

Mom said...

I had a wonderful time as usual. I always enjoy being with my daughter and spending those precious moments together. Thank you and Mike both for such a wonderful 4 days. Of course Junah is always a pleasure to spend time with. Cody misses him a lot.

Kim said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Debi, we've been tossing around the idea of coming up to KY sometime after Christmas. It will be good to see you again. Casey, any chance you, Mike and Abby Kate will be ready to travel to KY too?