Thursday, September 14, 2006

Entering Our 36th Week

I went in to the hospital for my fifth ultrasound this afternoon. Normally, I'd only have had one or two, but they've been keeping an eye on my "low-lying placenta" for several weeks now. Good news... I no longer have a low-lying placenta and everything looks perfect. The baby weighs approx. 5.5 lbs and has moved into the head down position. When the picture first came up on the monitor all I saw was a giant head. "That's a giant head," I said. The ultrasound technician laughed and then assured me that the picture was magnified a bit. 'How much is a bit?' I'm thinking. On another note, if our child comes out with big bumps, lumps and bruises on her head, I'll know who to blame. The tech pushed down SO hard. I hope she didn't hurt Abby Kate, because she definitely hurt me!

I was happy to go in for another ultrasound, if only to be absolutely certain it is in fact a girl we're having. Everyone - including the occasional complete stranger - keeps telling me I must be having a boy because of the way I'm carrying the baby. So I started to worry a little about all the tags and receipts I've discarded and the fact that I've already washed everything. Nothing's returnable now! But the doctor was able to confirm today that the baby is 100% girl. And I saw for myself - no doubt about it. Relief!

Here's a picture of our girl. It's only of her face. It's not the clearest of images, but I think she looks just like Mike. Can you tell?

So less than five weeks until the due date! I haven't had any contractions besides the fake kind. I'm doing good, feeling well and we're all prepared. Thanks for your continued prayers as we enter the last few weeks. We'll be keeping you posted!


Marge and Brent said...

She's so pretty! I'm definitely keeping you in my thoughts these next few weeks- it's almost time!

Lyndsay Smith said...

"That's a big head"...HA! I'm sure the image is not exactly true to size! Be glad at what size she is, I heard on the radio this morning of someone having a 15 pd baby! Could you imagine...ouch! You're definetly staying in my thoughts over the next 5 weeks. Glad you're feeling good. See you and Abby Kate over Thanksgiving...not too far away!

whitney said...

countdown is on! can't wait to see "real" pics of abby kate. i can never decipher those ultrasounds. :)

hang in there.

Lori said...

Yay!!! Hang in there, and don't listen to people. You know how it is by now . . . everyone is an expert when you're pregnant. I was told by people (until the day I delivered) that I was having twins because I was so big, even though we had seen that there was only one baby.

Take it easy these next few weeks, and get some sleep. We're praying for you!

Carolyn Schroder said...

She really does look like Mike. I can totally see it- gosh those ultrasounds are amazing.

Make sure Sommer calls us as soon as you go into labor!

Mom said...

Abby Kate looks beautiful. I sure will be glad to see her in person. Hang in there, it's almost time for her to make her entrance into the world.