Friday, February 02, 2007

Busy Baby

Some days it hits me that there is this precious little girl and she's MINE! I'm so excited that I get to show her everything. She was watching me get ready the other day and I realized, "oh, I get to show her how to do makeup!" But lately I've been focusing on just getting her to recognize her feet. Feet first, mascara later. (MUCH later if it's up to Mike. ha, ha)

I'm so excited to play with Abby Kate everyday. She doesn't do much since she can't sit up, but just watching her concentrate on grabbing something and then smiling and making those "wet" sounds is enough to entertain me for hours. She is all about the gurgly noises she can make now. She is infatuated with the way they sound. She does it all day. Even when she cries, she stops between sobs to make a few gurgles before screaming again. It's hilarious. She's like "oh, I'm so mad, Whaaaaa! But oh wait, I forgot I can make these sounds... but no, no, got to keep crying... but I like to gurgle so much... "

She is growing and changing so fast. Now at 3 1/2 months, she holds her head up well and enjoys being on her tummy much more. She rolled from her stomach to her back all by herself today for the first time. We bought her a Bumba, which is this little seat that supports her back. It's supposed to help her strengthen her back muscles and show her how to sit up on her own. I like it because she can now play sitting up instead of always being on her back. It's a good way to avoid a flat head, at least!

She donned her first pair of tennis shoes this week. Aren't they cute? They're still too large. I'm not big on infants wearing shoes before they can walk, but anything that keeps her socks on while we're out and about works great for me. And these do the trick.

Her daddy has fun with her when she's in a playful mood. He plays with her and talks to her. She even had her first ride on Daddy's shoulders! But lately, she prefers Mommy. We've heard from lots of people that this happens in the early months. It's frustrating for both of us at times because Mike wants to spend quality time with her when he comes home, and I need a break for a while each day! We're told they grow out of it, though, so we're not too worried.

Her nights are still inconsistent. Sometimes she'll go 10 to 12 hours without waking once, like I told you about in the previous post. Other nights she wakes up every 4 to 6 hours. So we still haven't quite figured her out.

She is definitely showing more and more personality and alertness. When she's awake, she wants my undivided attention. This makes it very hard for me to work. I end up sitting her in her bouncy seat ontop of my desk. My left hand bounces her and holds her toys while my right hand works on my design projects. I've become an excellent multi-tasker!


Marge and Brent said...

Love those tennis shoes Abby Kate! So cute!

Kim said...

Time flies so fast. It seems she was just born and now AK is 3 1/2 months old! That prefering one parent over the other doesn't end-- it just flip flops. One day Philip wants nothing to do with me and the next nothing to do with Matthew. Guess it shows he loves both of us and just can't decide (not that I want him to!).

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

Gosh AK is getting cuter and cuter! I can't believe she's already 3.5 months! She seems to be changing everytime you post a new picture! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

She is a fashionista already and is getting cuter and cuter!
Carrie Taylor

Sara said...

Too cute. Does anyone see the resemblance between AK and daddy in that last picture? ahahhahhha

Aren't those bumbo seats amazing! I have used them for photo shoots before. They work wonders.

Lori said...

SOOOO CUTE! You have me all excited about starting all over again with Baby Girl! Bumbo seats are new since Hannah was born. Isn't it amazing what they come up with and how things change in just two years? I absolutely love AK's tennis shoes. I remember how hard it was to keep socks on Hannah when we were out and about too--good solution (and fashionable!).

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

My girl is stylin' in those tennis shoes! She is so cute!