Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Grami's Visit

Mom was able to come down for a visit from Thursday until Monday, so I was elated! Abby Kate and I got to spend a wonderful four days with Grami! We picked her up at the Pensacola airport Thursday morning at 8:30. It was a beautiful day: sunny and in the 70's. We spent the next four days playing with AK, taking long walks, going to the beach, out to dinner, shopping and just talking and basking in the warm sun. Mom soaked up the time with her granddaughter and Junah and me. Abby Kate had tons of smiles for her everyday.

We took lots of great pictures of AK on the beach, but they're in Mom's camera, so I'll upload them when she has a chance to send them to me.

We had such a nice time. I really hated to take her back to the airport on Monday morning. It sure is hard living so far away from home. I miss my family so much. I'm looking forward to several trips home this Spring and Summer.

Mike was out of town on a cross-country flight to Santa Fe, NM. It was an opportunity for him to get in several graded flights in just a couple of days. He got to ski while there, so he had a good time. He brought back gifts for Abby Kate and me - this adorable little maraca for AK and a beautiful turquoise bracelet for me (which I'm wearing as an anklet because it's too big, but I love it!). Thanks, honey!

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whitney said...

o how i wish for that warm weather you have.

so glad your mom got to visit. living away from family is hard. we're only a couple hours away and its tough on me not to see them everyday. i'm sure it's even more special for you since they are so much further away.

abby kate is getting so big.