Friday, March 30, 2007

The Verdict

The results are in: My husband is going to be a jet pilot! I'm so excited for him. It's exactly what he wanted to become a Marine Officer to do. And we also got the location we wanted. I'm happy to report that we will be moving to Meridian, MS, in the next few weeks. I'm really pumped because Meridian is only 7 hours from home!!! I can drive home instead of taking Abby Kate on so many flights. His training starts May 7th.

I'm sure I'll have much more to report once we know the details of our move. Thanks for all your prayers! We are very happy with the outcome!!!

Mike will start his training in the jet pictured at right. It goes up to 650 miles per hour! Below are some additional specs.

T-45 Goshawk

Contractor Boeing [McDonnell Douglas] - prime
British Aerospace (airframe)
Rolls-Royce (engine)
Wing span30 feet 8 inches
Length 38 feet 9 inches
Height 13 feet 1 inch
Max grossweight 13,000 pounds (5,897 kg) approx.
Internal fuel capacity 2,893 pounds (1,312 kg)
Powerplant Rolls-Royce F405.RR-401 Adour Mk. 871
5,845 pounds (26.0 kN) Thrust
Speed maximum: 560 knots
0.85 Mach Max level flight speed
Ceiling 50,000 feet
Range maximum: 1,400 nautical miles
Power plant one Rolls-Royce Adour Mk 851 turbofan engine
Crew one instructor, one student
Design life 14,400 flight hours (20 years at 720 hours per year in a "carrier environment")


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow, Casey! Did YOU do all that research? I better get studying! Can't wait to house-hunt in the great Meridian metropolis! I just don't want anything with a carousel horse in the front yard.

Mike & Casey Wallace said...

Yeah, right! Mike found all of that info for me. I don't even know what half of it means. :)

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

AWESOME! CONGRATS MIKE!! We knew you'd get what you wanted- you worked hard for it!! Can't wait for Brandon to be all... i called in for fire and Mike said, whats up!

Congrats!!! And yay for being closer to home- I have a 7 hour drive myself and it's nothing!!

Anonymous said...

This is Meredith's sister, Allison. Congrats. One of our very dear dear friends is finishing up at Meridian and Mike should look for him, his name is Chris Hahn. He's there training on a transition from NFO to pilot (he previously was an NFO in a S3 squadron and they are being decommissioned) He finishes up some time this summer and should definitely be around while you guys are there,however, he and his wife, Emily live in Jackson b/c she works there.

congrats and good luck!

Brandi said...

Congratulations you guys!! I am so glad that you guys got what you wanted!! I will be sorry to see you go, but I really am happy for you!!!

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

So so excited for you guys!!!! Mike, we never had any doubt! Casey, I am going to miss you like crazy.

Mom said...

Congrats to Mike. Casey, I am so excited you guys will be a little closer to home. It will make traveling a lot easier. I can't wait to see you and my little Abby Kate in about 3 weeks (and Junah too). Cody is looking forward to Junah's visit.