Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Friendly Reminder

I'll bet a lot of you out there still haven't backed up your hard drives. Huh, huh?! Am I right?!

I feel like I'm called to remind you every so often, kay? So here it is: back up your hard drive before you lose everything! Maybe I should start up support groups for people who have lost their hard drives - or know someone who has. I could speak about my loss and try to help others cope with theirs (ha, ha, kidding).

So Mike and I purchased this FreeAgent external hard drive by Seagate. Just wanted to pass along the recommendation. It's great - it holds 500GB and fits nicely on my desk. With one or two clicks, I can back up everything in less than a minute. I sincerely hope none of you has to go through the pain of losing all your stuff, especially if you work independently from home like me. Back it up, people! :)

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