Saturday, September 08, 2007

Walking This Way:

Look at her go! Abby Kate started walking last week at 10 1/2 months. We're so proud of her! And we watch her like hawks. She has also mastered the stairs and can crawl all the way to the top all by herself. It makes for nice, long naps! Ha, ha.

Way to go, sweet girl! We love you!


Lyndsay S said...

What!!?? This all goes toooo fast! But I'm very proud of my girl! Way to go AK! And thank you so much for sending that pic of us at the pool (and not making it one where I had food all over her and me) and your sweet note. I LOVED catching up with you too! So wish you were much closer to home!!! Love Ya Lots!


Kim said...

Casey, I'm so excited for you guys! There's so much ahead for you now. I love being at home and hearing, "Mommy, where ARE you?" and then seeing Philip coming running around the corner a few seconds later.

Lori said...

HOORAY!!!! You go girl! Watch out mama . . . your life is about to change again! haha. We are very proud of you AK!

Marge and Brent said...

Run DMC and Aerosmith having nothing on AK- she knows how to strut her stuff! Congrats AK on such a big step in your life, ha ha.