Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas in Kentucky

The trip to Kentucky for Christmas this year went by WAY too fast. We visited with so many friends and family while there. I felt blessed to have been able to spend at least a little time with so many people we hadn't seen in a long while. My mom's sister Ruth Ann, her two sons Matthew and Jonathan - along with their adorable families - traveled from North and South Carolina to spend the holiday with us. I hadn't seen them in a few years. It was great to catch up with them. And we also enjoyed seeing meeting up with several friends from high school and college while in town. And most importantly, we cherished our time spent with Mom, Dad, Brian, Carrie and William. We love you!! William and Abby Kate played together, shared toys and raced each other up and down the stairs. (William taught AK how to go down the steps on her belly.) We could hardly keep them away from the stairs without them throwing fits!

I explained the birth of Jesus to Abby Kate before laying her down on Christmas Eve, even if it was just practice for the year she'll actually understand. :)

She was spoiled with all kinds of toys and clothes for Christmas. She got two baby dolls and a little stroller to carry them in. She could care less about the dolls, but she LOVES that stroller. Even Junah let her push him around in it. Grami also got her her very own laptop (pink, of course) so she can practice her letters and sounds. Right now she's only interested in opening and shutting it, however. :)

Thanks to my family for a wonderful Christmas spent with you and for all the great gifts you gave us. Here are just a few photos from our week at home...

AK and Will burning rubber... er just sitting there... in their Jeep.

It was so great to see you, Sarah!! You look awesome and Ryan is a catch!

Yep, that's Lyndsey, incognito. I seriously like your hair dark, Lynds. And the purple thing will fade. See, you can't even tell in this pic. It was GREAT to see you!!! It was great to have met Brian finally!

Opening gifts = fun for all ages. I had to keep myself from playing with AK's dolls. :)

Climbing stairs = fun for babies only. They could do it for hours.

Love you, Mom! Thanks for everything!

Got to see both my grandmothers while we were in town. Always a blessing. This is my dad's mom.

All dressed up on Christmas Day.

We wished we'd had time to watch a movie at my aunt and uncle's house, as they have this awesome movie theater in their house! Especially since we haven't been to a theater since before AK was born. But she's more fun than movies anyway.

The Brooks family. It was SO great to see you all. It had been too long!

Getting 10 kids under the age of 3 to pose for a picture is quite the task. And, actually, it never happened. Thank you, Photoshop! You should see all the pictures I used to make this one. Babies everywhere! They are all so cute.

The Pollard family. Thank you for having us! The food was great and getting to spend time with all of you was even better.

And this is my other Mawmaw. I think somewhere in her heart she still knows us and remembers us even though it's hard to tell some days.

Jimmy Dan and Jennifer. Thanks for having us! We had a great time catching up (and boxing, haha). So good to see you!

My how things have changed in the last few years... look at all those babies! These are some of my high school friends and their newest additions. Thanks for having us over, Liz. I loved catching up with all of you.

My forever friend, Lyndsay. Can't wait for February! Working out together will be fun. It'll be like old times in dance class!

I love you, Mike and Abby Kate. Thanks most of all to you for a WONDERFUL holiday! I am so blessed to have you both.


Kim said...

Great post, Casey. Wow, you guys were busy! Thanks for emailing the pictures. Good work. :)

Lori said...

It was so wonderful to see everyone. I wish we could have had more time. Mike, I really enjoyed hearing about your job and getting to know you better. Abby Kate-- you are even cuter in person!!! You two have a very sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking all the pictures Casey, they are great. I always feel so blessed to have all my family around me at Christmas, and any other time. I thank God for each of you. I love you all so very much. Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time. You are really good at that Photoshop stuff...I can't tell at all that you arranged that!
See you soon,

Mike & Erica said...

I love AK's little tartan dress! Where did you find it? It looks like you had a great Christmas! I love all the pics.

Lyndsay said...

It was good to see you too! I'm sad I missed seeing AK...but we have Feb to look forward too! I'm so excited to have a gym partner too! I'll have to find my old leg warmers from dance classs...ha ha!

Meg Palmer said...

Case, love all the pics! AK is getting so big! Looks like you made the most of your time in KY. I'll be seeing ya soon!