Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thanks, Sarah!

I wanted to thank my dear friend, Sarah Kinser, for knitting this adorable sweater for Abby Kate. It was given to her when she was first born. And I love it because she's been able to wear it since she was very little and it still fits this winter. Sarah, you are very talented and I appreciate such a special and beautiful gift that we will keep forever. Thank you!!!

Since the holidays have passed, we've been busy trying to get back into our routine. Mike has flown a few times and is getting back into the groove of flight school. And I've been tackling a big handful of graphic design projects - which is a really great start to 2008 for my business. I'm hoping to add a few more clients this year, even if that means I have to work more at night (good thing all my favorite shows are posted online!).

Abby Kate is growing, walking and talking all over the place. She has so much personality and is the sweetest little girl. She still LOVES to "read" and be read to. She's now into climbing and feeding Junah. As soon as I lay his food out, she marches straight over there, scoops up two handfuls and feeds him every last morsel. I don't mind because she is entertained and Junah feels like a king. Need I say more?!


Sara said...

Case .... I love the sweater...Sarah is quite the knitter! and where are you finding the hairbows? They are too cute. Ella is too small and too bald for that size at the moment...but we can plan ahead, right?

The Moremans said...

casey...i need to know where to get that head-peice! i am always looking for the biggest bow for little reese! also, does your friend sarah sell those dresses? i would love to have one if she is interested! i am always on the search for unique clothes for my kids!

Mike & Casey Wallace said...

The bows come from This one was a gift - it has her name embroidered on it. I love it and have ordered more. They have a nice selection in all sorts of colors.

I'll ask Sarah about the dresses for anyone who's interested.

Carrie & Sean said...

I just love keeping up with your blog. AK is adorable and I am so happy for all of you.
I have a question- how did you create your blog template/bakcground. I love it and would love to create my own. I love that dress too! How precious!
Thanks and Take Care,
Carrie Black

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

She is just so precious. Do you wanna pass your pretty genes over to me... gosh. Beautiful dress Sarah!