Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend in TX

We awoke to beautiful white snow falling on Saturday here in Meridian. Someone in my kickboxing class told me it snows only about every seven years here. Abby Kate was mesmerized as Mike held her on the front porch to watch it come down in huge chunks. A few minutes later, we were in the car and heading west, where the snow was no more.

Mike was off for the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday, so we traveled to Texas for a stay with his family over the weekend. We had a nice visit, although very short. Thanks to CJ and Amber for letting us stay at your house again. :) Luke and Abby Kate had a ton of fun playing, eating and bathing together. We loved watching them interact.

Mike's parents' new home was recently completed and they were moving in the day we arrived. So we all pitched in to help them unpack and arrange a few things. Their house turned out beautifully, every inch!

Now we're back home and the snow is already gone. It's just as well. I only like it the first day anyway. After that it gets all dirty and ugly and slushy!


Sara said...

I'm with you...love it the first day...but after it's dirty and muddy I have no use for it. The new Wallace home is a beauty. I just love new homes. They are like a blank canvas waiting for character (inside, that is!) Hard to believe that we've only lived here a little over a year. We like to go back and look at the pictures from when it was brand new--totally empty!
Luke is a cutie, too. And, of course, Abby Kate gets cuter and cuter!
PS.. Ella has just a few pounds to go before she fits into the outfit you got her. YAY!

Lori said...

How beautiful! Looks like fun! I love that picture of you and AK in the sidebar!

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

Glad y'all had a good trip! The house is beautiful--I love the character! Also, I'm with you on the snow! I'm heading west next week, and am hoping and praying for dry, snow free roads for the voyage back home!