Saturday, September 06, 2008

Alive and Well

Thanks to all of you who called/e-mailed to see how we weathered the storm last night. Hanna was sweet to us. No damage, no flooding - we didn't even lose electricity. We heard the 60 mph winds whipping around the corners of our house in the early morning hours, but rose to find nothing but small, stray branches here and there. The storm ended up going just West of us, moving somewhere between New Bern and Charlotte, NC.

Looks like Ike will most likely be headed into the gulf. While we may not have to worry about our safety in that storm, we will be praying it doesn't hit the house we own in the Pensacola area!


Sarah said...

Glad you guys didn't lose power...ours was out from 6AM until about 3 PM. Made me nuts! I also drove all the way out to the horse show Sunday and it was one bothered to call me to tell me. UGH! At least Friday night was fun!!

Lori said...

Yes, Hanna was kind. I am glad you are well. I was so happy to see the photos of your Dad (and Mom) visiting over Labor Day. It is great to see him out and about and swinging with AK. So sweet!