Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back Home

After a nice, but busy trip home to KY (pictures to come), Abby Kate, Junah and I are back home and settling in. The drive home took almost 11 hours, but it really didn't seem that long at all. Well, besides the fact that the Camry's air conditioner died three hours into the trip. Abby Kate and I were sweating and Junah had his tongue hanging out for several hours. I asked the gas station lady if she knew what the problem could be and she told me I probably had a freeon leak. I asked her where I could get some freeon to put back in the car and she looked at me like I was crazy. (I should really learn more about cars, I guess.) I was disappointed that I couldn't just go buy a jug of freeon, pour it wherever it goes and be on my way.

So we pressed on and arrived home safe and sound. Abby Kate was happy to reunite with her toys. Specifically her pink watering can.

We've been hanging out with friends and getting back to weekly things like gymnastics and OB appointments. We are trying to stay busy to keep our minds off missing Daddy, but it's tough. We have about two more weeks to go until he returns. Mike is doing well with his training over in Arizona, but I know he'll be so excited to get back to his girls.

I'll leave you with some new, funny AK dialogue:

I was outside pumping up the tires on my bike because my friend Lexie is borrowing it for a triathlon next weekend. I was having trouble with the pump as it was very difficult to push down. So I started raising it, then sitting on the handle to push it down. Abby Kate took notice and got up from illustrating our driveway with her sidewalk chalk. She came over and this is what followed:

AK: Mommy, there's a better way to do that.
Me: (Baffled, not sure I heard her right. Did she really just say that?!) What did you say, honey?
AK: I said there's a better way to do that.
Me: (Laughing and shocked and completely spellbound to hear what her solution might be) Oh? Well, OK, what's the better way?
AK: (Patting the seat of the bike) See, you sit up here and ride.
Me: (Speed-dialing NASA)



Sarah said...

I am sitting here laughing out loud. That girl is TOOOO funny. You be careful going around sitting on tire pumps!

Cristy, Nick and Caden said...

AK is so precious! We can never under estimate them they are so dag gone smart. We had a great time at the zoo and I am glad we got to get the kids togather while you were in town.