Friday, May 01, 2009

More AK Quotes

As we were driving to the library this morning for story-time, Abby Kate started to tell me - as she often does - all the things she's going to do with Avery when she arrives. Having heard the list a thousand times, I was a bit surprised at the newest thing she added to her list of ways to help:

AK: "Mommy, when Avery comes out I'm going to hold her, rock her, kiss and hug her, change diaper, feed her, butter her..."

After having good laugh, I explained that Avery is not a pancake and does not need to be buttered.


She then turned her attention to the numerous puffy clouds in the sky:

AK: "I see clouds, Mommy!"
Me: "I see them too!"
AK: "They're moving, I can't see them anymore, Mommy. I need some vernoculars."

I wasn't aware she knew the concept of binoculars, let alone the word!

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Lori said...

SOOOOOOO cute! Hey I love butter that much too! Haha. Maybe vernoculars are more technologically advanced than binoculars-- perhaps AK knows something we don't! haha.