Sunday, May 31, 2009

Almost There!

We are now in the home stretch... only a few more days until Daddy gets back home! We REALLY miss him and can hardly wait to have him back. It's been almost a month and I know that one day we're going to have to do this for seven or more months when he deploys. Having this very small taste of what that will be like has been hard. I have so much respect and admiration for all military spouses (including some of the wonderful friends I've met along our way) who have missed or are currently missing their loved ones.

We've continued to try to keep ourselves busy. I hosted dinner on Wednesday night for several friends and their children whose husbands are also on the det. We went to the beach this weekend with friends and out to a nice dinner for our book club this month. Today, I took AK to her first movie. That was really fun. She loved it! We saw Disney's new movie, UP! During all the exciting parts, Abby Kate kept saying, "what's going to happen, Mommy?!" And she looked so cute with her bag of popcorn, pretending to cough after she ate each piece so she could have another drink of my Sprite.

This week will be filled with an OB appt., work, the gym, and more hanging out with friends... and of course a lot of crying as I'll be hitting the big 3-0 on Tuesday. Ugh. What a way to turn 30 - eight months pregnant and husband gone! At least I moved my dental appt. that had originally been scheduled for that day. :) A couple friends agreed to come over and keep me company on my birthday, so I'm thrilled about that and looking forward to it.

Mike is doing well and has finished up all the flights they had him scheduled to do out there. We have missed him SO much. We are so excited for his return later this week!!!


sara said...

I think I teared up at the part about her fake coughing so she could have another sip of Sprite. That is great!
How are you 8 months? It seems like just yesterday that you announced that you were having baby #2! (Though probably not to you!)
I'm happy you are in the home stretch. I hate it when Tommy is gone. Home is not the same without him. Yay for you guys....keeping busy and making the best of it!
By the way, Isabella is veeeery close to come piggies of her own! Will have to post a picture soon!

Cristy, Nick and Caden said...

I know you and AK miss Mike. I only got a small taste of the military life and I have much respect for the wives and men and women in the military. I hope you have a Happy 30th b-day. I will be praying for Mike to come home safe. Take Care, Cristy