Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Congrats and Prayers

First, I like to say congratulations to several of my cousins (you guessed it, more baby news!) - Lindsay and her husband Matt, Cheryl and her husband Gary, and Jonathan and his wife Lori (visit Lori's blog). They are all expecting their second child! My love and prayers go out to each of you. CONGRATULATIONS!

I'd also like to ask for your prayers for my dad and for my grandmother.

Dad has recently been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Right now, he does not require insulin shots. Thank goodness! The doctor wants him to try to control it with diet first. He has another checkup in March. At that point, if his levels are still high, he will have to begin with daily insulin shots. Please keep him in your prayers.

Unfortunately, he also found out last night that he has Sleep Apnea [definition: the cessation of breathing during sleep]. He spent last night undergoing sleep tests at the hospital with all kinds of monitors hooked up to him. His doctors confirmed this morning that he has a moderate to severe case. He goes back in a few days to learn what his options are. It may require wearing a breathing mask at night or possibly surgery to correct it. Again, please pray for him. I love you, Dad!

My maternal grandmother ('Mawmaw' to me) suffered a stroke a couple of weeks ago. She is 83. It was her second stroke in the last six years. She's OK, but sadly she has now moved to Friendship Manor nursing home in LaGrange. This was very tough on my mom and her sisters. Mawmaw also has Dymentia thanks to the strokes, so I'm not sure she really knows she's in a nursing home. Maybe that's a good thing. Often, in her mind, she reverts back to her earlier years, thinking she has school work to do and asks when the school bus is coming. It's so hard to watch the people you love slowly forget things and not understand the here and now. Please pray for her.


Debi said...

Congratulations Lori and Jonathan. Also I don't think I had the chance to say congrats to Cheryl and Gary. Thank you Casey for the prayer request for Mom and Gary. I love you.

DAD said...

Thanks for putting my Hollywood look out there. I remember that picture and I was having fun with you and other family members in Florida. That's why I am smiling of course. Not too much to smile about lately but I feel pretty good for a 51 year old x-ball player with bad ankles and 30 pounds of extra gear to carry around. Unlike Mike my gear is not a duffle bag and rifle, but I am working on dropping off some of that gear soon. ~LOVE DAD~

Lori said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with your Dad (and mom). I am so glad the doctors detected the diabetes early and are willing to alter his diet first. Interestingly though, I just learned on the news, that they are coming out with an insulin inhaler. That way diabetics don't have to give themselves shots. Keep us updated.

I spoke with Ruth Ann last night, and she said that she and Diane may go up and see Grandma Brown. I know she would like that. We are praying for her.

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

I just wanted to let you know that our thoughts and prayers go out to your Dad, grandma, and your mom. I'd have to agree with your dad, he looks pretty darn good to me. Always know that I will always be there to talk to when you need it

Sara said...

Lots of prayers for your dad and grandmother. Keep us posted on how everything turns out.

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

Praying for you and your parents and mawmaw!! We're here for you if you need anything... we're good at group hugs!

whitney said...

hey casey. stumbled upon your blog while reading sara's. hope you don't mind me checking up on your goings on. it's nice to see you doing ok.

thinking and praying for your dad and grandmother and the rest of you.

big congrats on recent events. what an achievement for mike. so proud of both of you.

whitney pardue...presley now.

Uncle G said...

Casey, I am glad to see someone posted a family blog site so everyone can keep up with the good news and not so good news. Things here get better every day, so don't worry about Gary (Dad) and I might add, soon to be Grandpa. Your grandmother will find peace in the confusion, so don't worry. We all are struggling to cope with the difficulties that fate, life, and greed have dealt us. We learned from a survivor and we will continue to let our Father above teach us daily. Hope you visit soon and continue to enjoy life to it fullest. Post the Pics I sent you of Cameron and Tyler, so everyone understands the importance of brotherhood.

Kim said...

Casey, sorry to hear about your dad. I feel for you in also being the child of a sick parent. Glad the doctors found it early and we'll pray everything will be under control soon. Thanks also for the comments about Mawmaw. I'm sure it's really hard on you and the family who remembers her in earlier days before she was sick.

Lyndsay said...

Prayers all around from always. I'm so glad our families are so close, in friendship and, for your parents, in distance. The Smiths/Bryants will always be there in support of the Carnes/Wallaces!!! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

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