Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Frozen Warrior

I never imagined myself dressed in camoflauge, shooting a grenade launcher or riding through disgusting mud swamps in a tank-like contraption, but the proof is in the pictures. Yesterday, the families of the Marines at TBS were invited to attend 'Warrior Day.' We started the day early, waking up at 5:45, arriving on base at 6:45. There was a brief introduction for all of us before the platoons split up to different areas where we would learn to fire weapons, watch helicopters land, see martial arts demos, etc., etc.

It was freezing outside early on, and the cold winds didn't help my situation. I thought I had dressed warm enough, but I was mistaken. I was shivering so bad that Mike finally walked me back to his room and dressed me up in all his cold weather gear. When we headed back out, I had on his USMC sweatpants (that I could've pulled up over my head, they were so big), my cargo pants, two pairs of thick socks, three long-sleeve t-shirts, a fleece pullover, another thick Marine vest over that and then a huge camoflauge coat that Mike wears in the field. Plus gloves and a scarf over my head. I was toasty! And feeling much better.

Here are some pictures from my day as a 'warrior' (ha, ha, that's laughable)...

Mike and I at the start of the day.

Me preparing to shoot a M203 Grenade Launcher. Don't I looked excited?! Or maybe just cold. Yep, just cold.

Me shooting the M203 Grenade Launcher. It had a little kick-back that I wasn't prepared for.

Amphibious Assault Vehicles, or AAVs. But I call all of them tanks, because that's what they look like. We were given rides on these as long as we wore the helmets and vests for safety. Mud was flying around everywhere! We went into a mud puddle so deep that we started floating. Blech! The scariest part was when we went up on the side of a hill and I thought we'd flip over!

Sommer, Me and Margaret in a 'fighting hole.'

Martial Arts demonstration.

Helicopter demonstration.

Chad and Mike in front of a helicopter so big it can carry Humvees inside.

From left, Margaret, Carolyn, Me and Sommer.

The whole gang.

A fun time was had by all of us. (But secretly, I'm glad it's over!)


Heather B said...

I just found your blog, you guys are too cute.

PS - Congratulations on the pregnancy :)

Kim said...

Sounds like fun, but just remember you've got Baby Wallace to think about. Matthew and I went to the Grand Canyon when I was four months pregnant. I couldn't ride the jeep tours because of the bumps. They had rules against it, but maybe it was only for 2nd and 3rd trimester mommies.

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

Glad you toughed it out. I didn't know if I was going to make it either- it was soooo cold!!!! The pictures are great!

Lori said...

HOW FUN! You girlies make very cute warriors!

Sara said...

Looks interesting! Neat that you get to see some of what he does. I hate being cold--so I don't know how long I would've lasted. I might have sat in the tank with the heat on full blast! Looks like you all had fun!

dad said...

Never thought I would see you in a uniform and helmet like that. Thanks for pictures you sent home. Be careful with what you do in the next few months and remember to eat for 2. LOVE DAD

Lyndsay said...

Casey - Your dream has come have aspired to be a warrior in combat ever since you were a little girl! HA! Does look kinda fun. I bet Mike was so proud!

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

I say we just sign you up for the Marine Corp haha. It was crazy cold out there but I did enjoy seeing you get all muddy on the AAV ride!!

Mom said...

I can't believe my daughter in all that getup. Of course, I have seen alot of camoflage in the stores lately. I'm glad you had fun, but please be careful.

Anonymous said...

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