Sunday, February 19, 2006

Home Sweet Home, Here We Come!

Mike and I regretted leaving our beautiful home in Texas to go back to apartment living while in Virginia. We've missed our big yard (and even the yard work that came with it!), our garage, our nice neighbors, our spacious living areas, our big bathroom and closets.

Finally, we will say goodbye to Virginia after six months of living on the second floor (ugh, groceries) of a big apartment complex where our neighbors above us walk like they weigh 400 lbs and the dogs pee on the sidewalks. Oh, to have grass again will be heaven and the Florida sunshine will make it that much better!

We've worked with our realtor since I got back from house hunting, and I'm so happy to tell you we made an offer on a beautiful home and they've accepted it!!!! We are home owners again!!! Well, OK so now I guess we'll own two homes - we still have the one in TX - but we are hoping to have it sold in the next month. Anyway, we are thrilled and can't wait to move.

Here are some pictures of the new house. It has a beautiful kitchen with lots of cabinet space - something I've missed terribly. And it looks like it has the exact tile we have in our other house. We're excited about the screened porch, too. I'm not sure if they have lots of mosquitos there, but if so, that porch will be a Godsend. It's in a great neighborhood and it's got a nice fenced-in yard for Junah, too. PERFECT!

Of course, I'm excited to start painting and decorating. Oooooh, nursery first?! It'll feel great to make it our own. We couldn't do much to the apartment because of the lease terms.

This move will be interesting for me because I now have limitations. My doctor told me I shouldn't lift more than 20 pounds and that I need to stay away from paint fumes. What will I do?! Thankfully, the military will pack and move everything for us, but it's going to be tough not being able to move furniture around and do all the painting. Maybe if we open all the windows and I wear one of those masks it'll be alright. Can't wait to call this HOME! We'll be moving in March 24.


whitney said...

house looks great. when do you move?
glad to hear you are feeling ok.

Kim said...

Wow! I didn't realize your move was this soon. That's a blessing though so you can be settled well before the major aches and pains of pregnancy set in (don't worry, it's not THAT bad!). House looks beautiful! Hope to see it in person sometime. Love, Kim

Sara said...

Love it, Case! The porch looks divine. I was going to say that you could sit out there with Mike and enjoy a glass of wine in that lovely Florida warmth--but not for 9 months! haha
It is a beautiful home! Enjoy the process!

Lyndsay Smith said...

Love the new house, thanks for sharing the pictures! If you need our help on the move, let us know. We'd be more than happy to take a little "help your friend move" vacation!

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

What a house! Can't wait to visit!! Yay Florida... how close are you to the beach?

Mom (Debi) said...

Casey, of course I had already seen the pictures, but I just love your new home. I know you and Mike will be very excited to get there. Dad and I will help in any way you need us. Love You.

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

Your house is beautiful! I can't wait to get to Florida. I'm sure Chad and I could help out were needed.

Anonymous said...

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