Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Lovely Guests

Last week I was happy to have Mom and my sister-in-law, Carrie, to visit for a few days.

Shopping was in order first thing as I was excited to show them this cool outlet mall (I'm such a bargain shopper) near our home. We hit all the maternity and baby stores. Carrie is 6 months along now, so she got a couple new things to wear. I can't believe how much more she's showing since the last time I saw her! Mom wanted to buy me some maternity clothes while we were there, so I tried on a couple of things even though I'm not showing yet. They had this velcro, strap-on pillow to use in the dressing room. So of course I put it on. It was hilarious and did not resemble a baby bump what-so-ever. Anyway, Mom bought me two beautiful blouses and a pair of jean capri pants for the Florida weather. Thanks, Mom! They're stored for the day my belly will fill them out.

We bought some baby clothes and bibs for William (Brian and Carrie's baby). Of course I bought him one that reads: I love my aunt. He's expected to arrive June 7.

We also spent a lot of time working out. Here are some shots of us feeling the burn on Application Trail on the Marine Base. It was a comfortable 60-some degrees outside, but Mom still wore a headband to fight the cool wind and the inevitable migraine she'd have gotten. We were all exhausted after the 5-mile hike.

On the last night they were here, we went up to DC to check out the National Museum of Art. We got there a bit late, not knowing it closed at 5:30, so we quickly looked around and then headed to the new El Gran Charro restaurant near our apartment for a Mexican feast. Mike dubbed it "El Greaso" afterward. We all agreed. None of us were too impressed.

Thanks to Mom and Carrie for the visit. I'm so glad you were able to come. Next time we'll spend it on the beach!


Kim said...

Carrie, if you read this, you look great! Enjoy the next few months as little William will get REALLY active swimming around in there. It amazing and weird at the same time. Can't wait to see all of you hopefully sometime this summer. Love, Kim

Lori said...

I'm so glad you they were able to visit. It seems like everyone is so spread out, sometimes I wonder when and where we will ALL come together again. I'm glad you had fun! Carrie looks great!

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

It was so nice to meet your Mom and Carrie. Thanks for setting up the lunch.

Mom (Debi) said...

I slept for 2 days when I got back home. Casey, all that exercise was really good, but maybe next time we can go on a 2 mile hike? Sure glad I was lifting those 5lb. weights instead of the 8lb ones you wanted me to use. I would not have been able to even move my arms at all. haha. I had a really great time and thanks to you and Mike for making it so enjoyable. I love you both.

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

Sounds like you all a fun. It was great to see carrie and your mom again.

Anonymous said...

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