Monday, June 26, 2006

A Recap From My Trip Home:

PART ONE: meeting baby Will

We met our two-week-old nephew, William, when we arrived at my parent's house June 14th. He is just adorable. I got to hold him a few times and change him a couple times, too. Good practice. Mike even held him a couple times, but I couldn't interest him in changing a dirty diaper! Carrie and Brian are doing great. They are learning more and more every day watching William grow. It's as if he grows right before your eyes at this stage. During the week and a half I was home, he became more alert - his eyes started opening wider and he began responding to sound by turning his eyes and head. He also got chubbier! It's truly amazing to watch all that happen so fast.


Sara said...

He is so tiny! Who do you all think he looks like...I can't tell yet?

Lori said...

He's precious!!! I'm sure he's getting lots of love! Happy anniversary Casey & Mike.

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

Mike looks hysterical in that picture. And yes- happy belated anniversary!