Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Recap From My Trip Home:

PART FOUR: another wedding

I had such a wonderful time at home with my family and friends over the past two weeks. Being in Kentucky where I grew up always brings such a special and comforting feeling. Before I left to come back home to Florida I was excited to attend one last wedding while there. This one was my college friend Tracy's wedding in Cincinnati. Isn't she the cutest bride?!

Congrats Tracy & Kevin!!!

Catching up with all my college girlfriends was so great. I hadn't seen most of them in almost a year, and some of them I hadn't seen since I graduated. We laughed and talked, and they all felt my big belly wishing us all the best with the pregnancy and the new baby. We have so many wonderful memories together. I was thrilled to see them again. I hope Abby Kate will be able to meet them all one day.

Me with friends, Carrie, Tricia and Meredith.

With Maggie.

Amber, Britt and Ellen.

With Meg, Maggie and Marcie.

Sara - We forgot to get a picture together! I wish we'd taken one with the ADORABLE little outfit you brought for Abby Kate. (Sara takes amazing photos if anyone in the Louisville area is in need. She specializes in baby photography. I can't wait for her to photograph Abby Kate. Sara, we'll be making a special trip for a photo session come November! I need to schedule with you.)


Sara said...

No problem! I can't wait! You looked great at the wedding, by the way. You and your tiny little basketball belly! And you are right--Trac was the cutest bride. I loved her bouquet.
Meg will be the last of my old roomies to get married...and that is only a few short months away!

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love the hot pink!