Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Avery at Five Months

Avery's personality is really shining through at this stage, and there is only one word for it: HAPPY! She's a perpetual smiler and laughs at the simplest efforts by us. She's so laid back and easy. She eats well and goes right to sleep for every nap and at nighttime. She's a finger-sucker, so that puts her right to sleep every time. As you can see here, she LOVES her fingers. Any and all are fair game and she makes time for each including her thumbs. She usually has them lined up - one hand in there and the next on standby just behind it. Or sometimes she just shoves them all in there at the same time as you see here!

We don't deserve such a sweet and calm baby, especially after AK who was considerably easy as well. Maybe we'll be paying for it when they're 12 and 15. :)

Avery is long and lean, measuring in the 25th percentile for weight and 95th for height. She rolls over and over, sleeps 10 hours at night and is really enjoying her baby oatmeal. It seems to be going by MUCH faster than with AK. Too fast, in fact. I can't believe she'll be eating baby food next month! No signs of teeth yet. Or hair for that matter! But that's no surprise since she's a blondie like her sister. She looks more like Abby Kate everyday.

She does still spit up however. Almost as much as she smiles. :) The doctors still say it's nothing to worry about since she's steadily gaining weight and in no pain. We sure hope she'll grow out of it soon!

Oh, and I don't dress her in the same outfit everyday (clearly the spit-up issue would make that impossible even if I wanted to!). I took all of these pictures today because I realized that I haven't taken nearly the amount that I took of AK when she was a baby, and I'm feeling really guilty! Sorry, Avery, I promise I'll do better.


Sarah said...

SO sweet, gosh she has changed so much since we left. I see a lot of her resemblance to AK and I still think she favors you! :) Yes, more pictures please. Preferably each day. thankyouverymuch. Hugs and misses!

Morgan Rae said...

She is just precious. I was thinking how we are in the same boat with our second being so laid back as well but DEFINITELY didn't have a laid back first baby. ;) You guys DID get it good! You are a beautiful mommy! It's fun to see your family on here.

Lori said...

Such a beautiful girl! I think Hannah and Madeline both spit up (significantly) until they were 8-9 months old. Know you don't want to hear that, but at least you can turn it into a game when they start eating table food--anyone's guess what color it will be!?!?! :)

PS--We were all panicked and ready to ship new outfits to Avery. You're so funny! I always realize that my kids will have on the same outfit in pics--often pj's at that!

sara said...

She is looking more an more like AK! They are both adorable!
Let's have a skype happy hour next week!

Anonymous said...

So sweet..like he mommy...Kiss the girls for me..Love Paw Paw

Marge and Brent said...

Can't believe how big Avery looks already! But she keeps getting cuter that is for sure! Keep the pictures, and AK's funny quotes, coming!

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

So so cute! She is getting so big! Make it stop...by the time I get there she won't be a baby anymore:( Miss you guys!