Monday, January 11, 2010

I Remember the First Cell Phones

... the big hunking things that were five inches thick and six pounds. My dad brought one home one day and I thought it unbelievable that you could call anyone from anywhere. And look at us now. You can call, email, text, send videos and documents, browse the web, buy a pair of shoes or book a flight... and much more all from a tiny little device. Technology is truly amazing!

I got a new computer a few months ago and I made sure I got one with the built-in video camera. During Mike's upcoming dets and deployments it'll be invaluable. With Skype's awesome (and FREE!) video/audio tool, we'll be able to see and hear Mike when he's so many miles away. And equally exciting, he'll be able to see AK and Avery's growth. Seven months is a long time and I can't even imagine how much they'll (especially Avery) grow and change in that time. And now he won't have to miss seeing their faces as much.

Of course it's great for being able to see faraway family and friends as well. We've tested it out a few times recently with my brother's family. Abby Kate loves being able to see her cousin William live on the screen. It's so neat! So if anyone wants to Skype us, let me know... hint, hint... you know who you are... haha, kidding. Sort of. :)


Sarah said...

AAAAHHH! I KNOW! I'm getting on it, I swear. AK has been a huge topic again lately, which causes me much heartache, so there is nothing more that I want than to see your faces "in person"! The webcam is sitting here staring at me but I'm scared I will download it wrong. Can I call you and you will walk me through it?? :)

Kim said...

We have a skype account! I have dear friends who moved overseas and we've talked once on skype... yes, the coolest thing! We should discuss a time to skype. I would love to see if AK and Braewyn would try to talk! Funny thing about technology... my kids don't blink an eye at the idea of pausing live tv! And they've come to expect that you can fast forward through commercials because we watch so many shows recorded on our DVR! I wonder when that will begin to affect the advertising business!

Lori said...

That is a super cute pic!!! I think about how cool I thought I was talking on a bag phone with a cord (!!!) in the car. My kids have never even had a land line. I don't think they know what a normal (non-song)telephone ring sounds like!

Mike will be so grateful for that web cam during his deployment.

sara said...

We just got a webcam to skype with my brother. Is it easy to set up? I'm scared, too.
I believe we used to call them car phones....and I, too, though they were amazing. Remember the lovely clear vinyl bags that they were stored in?
I'm back to blogging again in 2010. Just posted Isabella's birthday--only a month or so late! Kudos to you for always being a faithful updater.