Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Great Surprise

We took Dad back down to the hospital this morning so they could downsize his trachea tube. We were delighted when they said they'd be able to take it out entirely instead of putting a smaller one in. This was such a relief for Dad (and us)! He now has a hole in his throat, but only has to wear a bandage over it for a few days and it will close up on its own very quickly.

He now only has the feeding tube left. That will come out in two more weeks.

He ate mashed potatoes with gravy today, but he says it's hard to eat because he can't feel his front teeth and can't open his mouth wider than an inch or so. As a result of all this, he's losing a lot of weight. He's lost about 35 pounds so far. He looks great, but it can't be healthy to lose that much so fast!

Abby Kate and I will be headed back home in the morning. We are excited to see Mike! We only have a couple more months left in Meridian (thank goodness!) before we'll be moving to (hopefully) North Carolina.

More to come on Dad, plus pictures!


Carrie & Sean said...

I am so glad to hear your dad is improving each and every day!! It's amazing how God and prayers work!! We are still thinking of your family during this time and pray for each day to get better and better for all of you!! Best of Luck on your move to NC. We actually just went through the Asheville, NC moutians this past weekend on our way home from Pawley's Island, SC. It's beautiful!! I hope Mike is feeling better since his surgery! Tell him to take care too! The bathing suits are from Target- we just love that store. :-)

The Moremans said...

what good news for your dad! there's nothing like being home! i am assuming mike is recovering well too? mending takes time! i didn't know you were off to nc...that will be a great place to live!