Monday, April 14, 2008

One Painful Step Forward

Dad came home Friday! We greeted him with a few guests, some smoothies, banners and balloons. He's has done so well at home. He still gets tired pretty easy, but he's been sleeping well and walking around the house - up and down the stairs - with no trouble at all.

He had been drinking milkshakes and smoothies and soup through straws for the past couple of weeks. Today he was supposed to get the wires in his mouth changed to rubber bands. But when we took him to the clinic this morning, they ended up taking the wiring out completely!!! While he's so happy to have them out, he wasn't prepared for how painful it would be. They numbed his mouth, but told him it would still hurt pretty bad as they pulled the wires out of his gums. He's back home now and sleeping after taking his pain medication. I'm hoping he'll wake up feeling much better and even be able to enjoy his first non-liquid meal in weeks! (He's still on a 'soft' diet, however... mashed potatoes, meatloaf, soup, etc. But I know he's looking forward to it!)

We go back to the doctor tomorrow so they can downsize his trachea tube. Then he'll have it completely out by the end of the month. I've taken a few pictures, so as soon as I get back home later this week, I'll post them here so you can see how great he looks!


Anonymous said...

What a great surprise! Even though there's pain, hopefully it will pass quickly and he can continue to add more and more food to his diet. Yay for good news!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the unexpected good news! Hope the pain doesn't last too long! I know your Mom and Dad are thrilled to have you and Abby Kate there with them.
Carrie Taylor

sara said...

Anyone on a soft diet needs lots of Graeter's!
Glad you were able to be there to welcome him home. Keep posting his progress...