Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Update

Dad now sports a size 6 trachea tube. The doctors came in this morning and downsized it. They asked him to cover the hole and breathe through his mouth and nose, which he did without any problems. He can also cover the hole to speak a little bit through his wired mouth. He never had braces as a kid, but that's sort of what it looks like. It's wired so tight, I'm not sure how he's going to get a straw in there, but the doctors say it'll be possible. Sometime in the next two days, they will downsize it again and teach him to swallow liquid - something he's REALLY looking forward to. We still aren't sure if he'll go home with the tube still in place. I guess it'll depend on how he's doing then.

Mom said he's continuing to improve. He still has to have pain medication for headaches, but that's to be expected for several more weeks given the trauma to his face. His long-time friend and co-worker, Keith, came to visit today and had him laughing. Hearing that warmed my heart. There have been so many of Dad's family and friends to come visit. Thank you to all of you for taking time to come and support him and especially those who have helped my mom by staying there by his side for a few hours while she took care of other things.

Mom, you have been so strong and brave through all of this and I know that Dad is so thankful that you're there to take care of him. I love you and I'm praying for you everyday as well. I'm looking forward to coming back for Dad's homecoming to help him and you.

Dad, Abby Kate says "Pawpaw, I wuv you. Ouch. Pawpaw, band aide."


Anonymous said...

Great news, Case!
Laughter is great medicine for the heart and soul. So glad he had a dose!

sara said...

This is great news. Prayers must be working.

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

SO glad to hear he is improving! Still liftin' him up!