Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Update

Nothing much has changed as of this morning. Dad is still in isolation fighting the MRSA infection. However, he did get a surprise when the doctors took off his nose bandage. I mentioned that he looked the same despite all the broken bones he suffered in his face. Turns out I was wrong. He has a brand new, straighter, smaller nose according to Mom. I'd say that's the least he should get after going through all this pain. :) The doctor said he should expect to lose nearly 40 pounds with his mouth being wired shut for eight weeks. He's going to look like a new man. And he doesn't even have to step on the treadmill!

Thanks again for all of your comments and get well wishes for Dad. I've been passing them on. And hopefully it won't be long before Dad can get in front of his computer and read all the nice things you've written himself. Also, thanks to all of you who have added Dad to prayer lists in your communities. He's being prayed for in churches across the nation and I can't express how good that makes us feel.

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Anonymous said...

I heard that your dad was in a car accident and quickly logged on. I can't imagine the heart break you are going through watching him in so much pain. Please know that your family is in my daily prayers. Love my grand big! Hugs to AK... Marcie