Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Update II

As of this afternoon, the doctors have identified that Dad has MRSA (a staph infection). It is serious but treatable. He is in isolation, which means nurses, doctors and family members must wear scrub gowns, masks and gloves when they enter his room. They changed his antibiotic to a very strong medicine called vicomycin. I wanted him to stay in the ICU for the better care, but not under these circumstances. We are praying that the antibiotics work quickly and that the infection clears.

I'll post more as often as I'm informed.


Kim said...

My heart breaks for you Casey, and for your mom, Brian and especially your Dad. How very scary all of this is. I hate that you are going through this, but know I am praying for you as one who knows how you feel (to a degree). When my mom had her first surgery to remove the cancer, she had several set backs. After a few days, I didn't want to call her room because each time it seemed that Dad just had another bit of bad news to tell me.
Keep your hope in Jesus as He has your Dad in His hands. It seems to be such a slow, trecherous road you are on now, but I pray with time and patience you will have your same old Dad back in tip, top condition. I will continually pray that he recovers without any long term side effects, and for your Mom and family be given that extra strength to carry on which only comes from the Lord. We love you. Kim & Matthew

Anonymous said...

Casey, I'm a friend of a friend, which means that you don't know me. I wanted to let you know I put your dad on the prayer list at have thousands of methodists in Louisville praying for a successful recovery. I hope that provides some comfort.
Ann...friend of Doug Meadows

Steve said...

Casey, I'm old friend of your dad's, my name is Steve Raby and we worked together at Bob Hook. Please let him know I ask about him and he is in our prayers.

The Moremans said...

casey, i am so glad he is getting better. i have been so worried for you. hopefully the infection will clear up soon, i think they tend to. hang in there...hopefully only better things to come now!