Monday, March 31, 2008

Panes and Helicockers

We went to the air show this weekend at NAS Meridian. They had a great turnout. I think they estimated that 30,000 would attend. Our family went on Saturday to watch all the stunt pilots, wing walkers and of course the Blue Angels. As many times as I've seen them, their airborne courage and skill never ceases to amaze me! It's weird to think Mike might be flying one of those F-18s or the Harrier jet in a few short months.

Abby Kate had a great time - it was her first air show. We were concerned about her ears and bought her some earplugs, but she only wanted to play with them. So we tried to cover her ears with our hands during the high-speed passes of the jets. But the high decibels didn't seem to bother her one bit - she cheered every time one roared by! She shouted "pane!" and "helicocker!" all day. We enjoyed hotdogs and strawberry smoothies and a lot of sunshine. Until the rain came. It poured right after the Blue Angels' demonstration. AK loved that, too. She splashed and stomped through every filthy av-gas-filled puddle she could find. In her best sandals. (I did my best to just relax and let her have fun, even though it was killing me that her shoes were being ruined!) We came home with sunburns even though we applied a 50 SPF. But no matter - we had a great time!

Being outdoors and watching the show made me sad that Dad couldn't be out doing the same thing. He's so tired of being in that hospital. But I have faith that he will be out swinging his golf club by midsummer. Love you, Dad! You're doing great!


Carrie, Brian and William said...

Great pics! Looks like a fun time. See you soon...maybe this week!

sara said...

Very glad you got to get out and do something fun. Can't wait til the sun comes to visit us.